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caught in the crossfire kurds living in northern syria face a deadly onslaught from a context rim is ready to wipe them off the face of the earth to make way for a breakaway as lawmakers state. brok obama cues is russia over venting to reverting to a cold war mentality while moscow declares old has still it is dead and buried we report on the latest chill in relations triggered by the snowden dispute. plus candidates for the post of moscow mayor take their skirmish to the media arena as we report on the campaign promises of the main rivals.
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this is already coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina joshua welcome to the program now the leader of a rocky kurdistan has said that his forces could intervene to protect fellow kurds in neighboring syria who are facing a daily onslaught from the hottest militants the al qaeda linked factions which initially flooded in syria to fight against the government there are now seeking to set up an islamic state in the country's north east are disposed to reports on the plight of the kurds. we've been speaking to eyewitnesses relatives and also kurdish journalists and from the sequence of events that we've been able to piece together that coming nineteenth of july you had an assault by islamist extremists at that stage they placed a bomb in a local kurdish school they also rounded up and abducted a number of civilians the very next day and number of kurdish houses in various kurdish enclave were blown up it was also an entire kurdish a village that was destroyed and some five hundred people were kidnapped that
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violence continued into early august when you had the reported killing of at least some seventy kurds and the abduction of another three hundred and fifty now this week we saw a massacre in which some four hundred and fifty could were killed from the figures we've been receiving seven hundred twenty of them were children some three hundred and fifty of them were women that massacre happening in a syrian town on the turkish border not neither damascus nor the opposition has actually confirmed that massacre but we have been speaking to eyewitnesses and this is what they told us about him recently actually came into villages and started to blame the locals to be faithless it was during ramadan they open fire on villagers people came onto the streets men women and children they fired at everyone who came in the way they captured many young men and began to cut them with knives we told
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them that we were muslims too but they said that they would continue to kill us they also said that our grant to them all or money or property or women or maybe even tomorrow everyone around my nephew was killed. when civilians escaped their shot militias raided their house and blew up some of them and robbed others the conditions are very bad people are in fear and terrorized the old nusra fighters are out of control there raiding the streets there's no media coverage and anyone who tries to reach out. it's being kidnapped by the militants and one of the problems we face is that some reports are difficult to verify as you heard there from kurds we've been speaking to they say that if they come forward and they report on any of the actions kidnappings and killings they themselves run the risk of being murdered so they want to have is there's a cd out of the language that is being carried out by the islamist fighters this is resulting in the spread of this information you have the scarcity of sources this
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too is leading to just within cities in the reports that are making it into the international media and then of course you have videos that are being posted online that are sometimes difficult to independently verify there was one video that was posted that purported to show the killing of kurds it said that they were burned to death later this turned out to be false now we could sims solves the say that the attacks are being carried out by islamised fighters that are linked to al qaida you have as one of these groups the all nusra front and this is an organization that is pledged to establish an islamic state in northern syria this is precisely the area where these kurds are living so this is why although for some time you've had the kurds on the periphery of the conflict increasingly we've seen them in the line of fire now we spoke to damascus baseball little philosophy professor george abor who believes that the kurds in syria are strong enough to defend themselves. the other
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jihadists and the situation between them and the kurds was quote voted and of course we knew that you could substitute it in the dismantling of the. subject to the. saudis that you. know. that the kurds in syria constitute some sort of force of their own syria. it could be a little bit of us in the region. and. extending their autonomy by making some. t.v. a bit of says igor there to the issues turkey has found itself trying to balance two similarly contradictory roles backing the syrian rebels while at the same time trying to mandate historically hostile relations with the kurds are to
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dot com journalist and filmmaker patrick council puts ankara's dilemma under scrutiny for his articles online right now here in our city. is the cold war truly dead and buried it seems that's something moscow and washington can't quite agree on russia's recent tensions are just a temporary glitch but senior u.s. figures including president obama are calling for relations to be paused and reassess it's widely believed that the catalyst for it all was russia's decision to grant temporary asylum to whistleblower edward snowden are just going to you can
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have the details remember the meeting between russian and u.s. officials at the state department comes days after president obama canceled the bilateral summit with the russian president is the potential of more and more often we hear about a new cold war between moscow and washington so everyone was listening very closely to what officials on both sides were saying and we heard two different messages coming from president obama and four minutes to laugh or off i remember very well what you said whether we were saying goodbye he said well i believe that we can make a difference in the rest and they're going to lessons let's. get as adults. and that's what we're trying to do because if you for. small incidents. become an impediment through everything goes. i think it would be that would be very wrong who thinks they're bogus president
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obama in the meantime did the opposite he has basically hyped up the cold war talk when president putin who was prime minister aware that it was president came back into power i think we saw more rhetoric on the russian side that was anti-american that. played into some of the old stereotypes about the cold war contest between the united states and russia and i've encouraged mr putin to. think forward as opposed to back all those issues with mixed success president obama also said in light of all the disagreements with russia mentioning syria and snowden it's time to make appalls and to recalibrate the tone of the talks at the state department at least the opening part that we have seen that was different there was an agreement on both sides that they should not lead disagreements and standards completely overshadow whatever progress the two countries can actually make one
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area where the two countries can make a difference is the crisis in syria both state the objective the same objective that they want to political solution that they want to bring all sides of the syrian conflict together in geneva to try and map out such a political solution the syrian opposition says they are not going to sit down a one table with those who have blood on their hands moscow says you know what have to stop the bloodshed all hands need to come to the negotiating table and foreign minister lavrov this friday he said that secretary kerry assured him that the opposition will be there at that negotiating table so there were some very serious issues on the agenda like syria like missile defense in europe where russia and the u.s. obviously don't see eye to eye but making progress on any of those topics becomes that much harder when the relations are defined by scandals and today we heard foreign minister lavrov trying very hard to ease the tension to move it away from the cold war talk but president obama's remarks seem to have exacerbated the
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tension. international relations experts here inside again told r.t. how she views the latest spat and she thinks the united states is letting anger cloud its judgment the u.s. administration simply cannot afford to exclude russia from important talks on very important issues. before snowden happens a couple months ago those issues were very much to do with syria and some foreign policy issues as well as some economic issues that the u.s. and russia have in common it just seems that this particular snowden affair has unleashed a level of anger in the u.s. government that has that is preventing them from actually doing what they do very well which is to manage foreign policy manage crises and use the press to do that i think it's actually. a very unique and rarely seen sign of weakness
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while some hours double bombers reaction is over the top it's quite mild compared to what some u.s. lawmakers want from sanctions to an olympic boycott senators and congressmen demand russia's punished for daring to give snowden asylum and he can tell us what you think this crisis bodes for russia on our website r.t. dot com well let's now take a look at the votes that we've gotten so far as he almost three quarters of you believe very little will change as relations are too poor at this point already to be affected much now about twenty two percent of the voters believe canonic ties are too important and will weather this crisis and just if you believe that snow the matter will blow over and that relations aren't all that bad and even less of you at this point think that russia will be made to suffer for giving safe haven to adults know them well do let us know what you think of this issue by logging on to r.t. dot com. well at the same news conference where president obama mentioned the strains
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with moscow he promised to reform the much maligned n.s.a. surveillance program more transparency and supervision are on the cards he said but gave no indication that mass surveillance will be scaled back investigative reporter dave lindorff told us the president's just trying to calm public anger first of all his from press conferences totally for u.s. consumption and secondly. we have now seen five years of this where he says one thing and does another. you know he he is not going to cut back on the n.s.a. spying that's clear or. he he could just order it to cut back if he would he in the past had expressed great concern about the n.s.a. program and yet he's expanded it on his watch for five years so i don't see it being cut back east been going after whistleblowers in the most fierce way that anyone can recall and needy uses it for that what they're trying to do is to camp
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dan a growing concern about all the spying among americans the polls keep rising with the number of people who are saying that there is too much spying that the war on terror has overstepped on civil liberties. sports and politics become intertwined in a wave of protests against russia's the law banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors while gay rights activists demand a boycott of the winter olympics in sochi russia says it's all a media smokescreen to attack its interests. as a fast food culture takes a bite out of quality meals we report for one form where you can check on your cup loads while the animal is still alive. and wasted holidays british tourist uncontrollable drinking habits are causing headaches for u.k. embassies around the world that story is coming up in just
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a few minutes. the media lead also we lead the media. by the see who should see your. play your part of the musical. shoes that no one is that stupid with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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welcome back to watching r.t. live from moscow i hated race to become moscow's new mayor is in full throttle with a major adversaries now officially exchanging political blows in the media ballfield and with less than a month left before polling day campaigning has already seen its share of scandals arches and he's now a takes a closer look at the frontrunners. and they're on the last leg of the campaign has officially begun in the first election for moscow's mayor in ten years there are
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six candidates over seven million registered voters and a lot of promises being made it's not easy to please a city of an estimated fourteen million people there are major problems huge projects and the seemingly never ending fight against corruption incumbents are good sabean and his team in office for two years are confident the city streets speak for themselves. so ben and completely change the city is priorities have been public space fighting traffic development of public transportation and to take medicine and education to new levels of development and his plan is to continue that work if he's elected but also running is anti corruption blogger an opposition leader alexei numbered me recently wrapped up in a fraud scandal arrested and then released his campaign volunteers are promising a new moscow have you ever been to paris that's what we want boulevards green everywhere look here for two months they've been putting down tiles bike paths our
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plans for traffic will be like the rest of the world not like some banyan. although a staunch critic of the government nonviolent his platform so far sounds a lot like some guidance it's a liberal program you know it's a program geared for the reach for the reach young and active you know so that they would be able to survive in this seat you so what about those who are old poor and need support but a state media is focused on sit down and the opposition media with some help from the west and from mangold's is promoting not wildly so the core mission of the socialists are sidelined but i think they are coming to this format shape you are mini golf you know a scientist. also an intelligent man a scientist of the socialist kind of i think their program was more humane either way the vote is expected to draw tremendous turnout that's media coverage and
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possibly even controversy and he's now a r.t. moscow and we have plenty more stories online for you quoting barred from boarding a prominent bahraini activist is prevented from taking her flight home apparently due to an order from unama online we'll look at whether the gulf kingdom is tightening the screws had a planned a mass protest. plus in our invasion section we've spectacular photo galleries including this one of people in japan a broad marking the sixty eighth anniversary of the hiroshima atomic bomb you'll find many other world events captured there at r.t. dot com. right on the scene. first for you and i think that you're. on our reporter's. instrument.
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to be in the. hundreds of gay rights activists have a rallied in belgium and scotland for the latest in a wave of protests against a new russian law banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors among the activists demands is to move the winter olympics away from russia the olympic committee stepped in saying sports should be available to all regardless of politics or sexual orientation moscow responded by saying athletes and visitors will be targeted by the law meanwhile british actor stephen fry has slammed the legislation comparing it to hitler's treatment of minorities british journalist neil clark believes the reason for the criticism lies beyond gay rights in nazi germany homosexuals who really were discriminated against they were putting to concentration camps and killed in large numbers and of course this is not happening in russia today if it was i'd be the first person saying we go to russia all
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together it's not happening what's happened in russia is we've got a new law which advance promotion of homosexuality to under eighteen's now i'm not saying i support the law i oppose all anti-gay laws wherever they're passed in the world but why is stephen fry focusing on russia there are about eighty countries in the world where homosexuality is actually illegal one of them is a country called qatar where the world cup is going to be helping twenty twenty two you go to prison for five years if you're homosexuals it's political i think that's because i said that eighty countries. have worse records on gay rights than russia stephen fry isn't talking about that so i think it shows double standards here and it shows this kind of russia phobia i think among the western elite that they look down at russia they patronize them and the idea that in russia people wore homophobic they're racist it's nonsense it's not true. having fun and relaxing is what holidays are all about but it seems some brits just don't know when they've had enough of a good thing british tourists are among the most notorious drinkers around the world an affair of further explains they seem to think nothing can stop them. you
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see you pull the take a and you're finally off on your holidays and say the very last thing you want to have happen is to get into trouble boarding at nineteen thousand people so consular assistance last year according to the latest figures by the foreign and commonwealth office into british behavior a broad there has been a rise in some countries of most serious crimes and that's cool saying concern in particular the statistics around rape and sexual assaults are up by ten percent now the countries that have been pinpointed as a particular areas of concern especially in turkey and boys all countries popular with young holidaymakers all countries renowned for their very busy night life now it has to be said the brits do tend to have a bit of a reputation of course and out the whole continues to be a major factor in many of the problems that i think we are as
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a nation quiet cooling a broad species begins you often see brits completely drunk out of their heads. yeah alcohol's the biggest thanks to foreign income most of says nine hundred thousand people so consular assistance thing a lot of that is going to be youngsters getting drunk a lot of it a lot of money and so the foreign and commonwealth office reminding travelers once again to keep safe. a quick look now at some of some other stories from around the world clashes in northern ireland have left fifty six police officers injured in the list protesters attacked security forces with bricks and bottles as they waited for a republican parade in belfast police use baton rounds and water cannon to disperse the rally in july riots shook the city for five days after a loyalists were banned from parading through and nationalist area of the city. an erupting volcano in
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a stream division has killed at least six people lava from mount a rocket and flowed through a sleeping village on the island of polluted the volcano has been rumbling since last october forcing the evacuation of nearly three thousand people indonesia is located in a science mccauley active area and this prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of people. ally aircraft just crashed in the us state of connecticut killing up to six people the propeller driven plane piloted by a former microsoft executive struck two houses as a try to land and rain weather firefighters found both homes and golfed in flames when they arrived at the scene air accident investigators say three people were thought to have been on board and the other victims on the ground. well today it's not a problem to make a quick bite if you have a lot on your plate just warm your food and microwave but for some that approach is
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simply not good enough they want to know exactly what they're talking into our dispute are all over him at one german farmer with found a way to satisfy even the most picky tights. europeans want to know exactly where their food is coming from this year we've seen the scandal of horse meat being passed off as beef in ready meals and the genetically modified crop giant monsanto decides that there isn't a market for them in you. all this is given one pig farmer an idea how to assure customers that his product is the best it can be and. it's important for people to see the environment where that the taking animal has grown up they get to see them in a field surrounded by grass not in some inhumane pig sty. buying from burned is a little different from going to your local organic butcher customers pick their pick from photos online and then through a web cam they can watch the animal growling get back and then several months later
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they receive their requested cut. the idea behind this belongs to a student from berlin called denis bookman his philosophy was that people should eat fewer but better quality products he wanted to increase food awareness and make it known how meat is produced with famous chefs politicians and styles of music in the sport queuing up the bones products it's called because it was a whole pig going for around four hundred fifty euros. and. customers like to have transparency in the production process people want to know where their meat comes from we're looking to fill that niche. these days more and more people are concerned where their food has come from but for some just because you like pork chops doesn't mean you want to come face to face with the page. that you wouldn't like it to become to tell you i'm sorry because it could be picky.
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it tastes great but i'm not sure i would have liked to see it when it was a lie many though seem happy enough to watch the dinner grow from a free range piglets to wait to see. that. you get to see where the pig is comes from how to grow up and live ultimately the quality of the product i've got no problem with the pigs or groom in a natural habitat with the pigs taste better to us what you know what you're eating in light of the recent scandals that is important but what is. most dying is what say they want farm animals breed in healthy conditions before they get to the but whether you want to close a relationship with books to become your sausages or chops is reason a matter of taste he told of a german coming up here on our team the drug gangs police raid and street violence there and everyday reality for the mexican city of tijuana.
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while revolutions in the middle east sure get a great deal of coverage what you don't mix a lot of sense revolutions or exciting t.v. peaceful protests or nice but forge of molotov cocktails flying a crazed crowd of local middle easterners really grab attention so there's a logical natural reason why some protest movements get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media well others kind of cult please forgive me for being conspiratorial but there is one revolution going down which does have all the exciting visuals of the arab spring but just doesn't care. any of the mainstream coverage in fact unarmed people in this country recently stormed the parliament trapping ministers and lawmakers with that they held them down for eight hours demanding the government resign until police with shields smash their way through creating a narrow corridor through which the officials could escape now that sounds like
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exciting and visual news but why did you hear about it all over the mainstream press that's because it didn't happen in libya or egypt or any other exotic country but in good old boag area right in the e.u. where u.s. and e.u. interests are best served by the status quo being maintained there was no need to hype up an intervention or kinetic action in bulgaria the only time you ever hear about the need for a crackdown in bulgaria as when a government there actually started working in bulgaria own interests and not the us use desires but that's just my opinion.
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an estimate this vehicle was picked because usually all policemen undergo control there are police officers that are connected to illegal got to face he said that's . what if that there might be traces or someone might have taken drugs so there was a smell left. but it's we have to investigate any possibility that he might be carrying drugs.


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